“We go out to see a lot of live music, so we know firsthand there’s no shortage of diverse and exciting events in our communities seven days a week.

Area 4 Labs enables everyone to discover new experiences right where they are. We believe in the thrill of discovery, the joy of sharing, and the satisfaction of a great night out.

Our ethos: There’s something out there for everyone.

Ian Condry, Co-Founder

Meet the Team

Gary Halliwell

CEO, Co-Founder

Former Zoominfo, Thomson Reuters

Ian Condry

Chief Anthropologist, Co-Founder

Professor of cultural anthropology at MIT
Author Hip-hop Japan
WMBR Radio Host

Jacqui MacCarthy

Chief Operating Officer

Former NetProspex, Thomson Reuters

Karen Elliott

Chief Technology Officer

Former Dun & Bradstreet, Medivector, Thomson Reuters