“We go out to see a lot of live music, so we know firsthand there’s no shortage of diverse and exciting shows going on in our communities seven days a week. In this age of the internet, how can it be so hard to find this information?

We believe in the power of AI and anthropology to bring back the thrill of discovery, the joy of sharing, and the satisfaction of a great night out.”

Ian Condry, Co-Founder

Meet the Team

Gary Halliwell

CEO, Co-Founder

Former Zoominfo, Thomson Reuters

Ian Condry

Chief Anthropologist, Co-Founder

Professor of cultural anthropology at MIT
Author Hip-hop Japan
WMBR Radio Host

Jacqui MacCarthy

Chief Operating Officer

Former NetProspex, Thomson Reuters

Karen Elliott

Chief Technology Officer

Former Dun & Bradstreet, Medivector, Thomson Reuters